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The 12 Days of Important Gift Giving

1-On the first day of Christmas, give up a grudge you have been carrying against another person. Make an effort to reconcile. Contact any family member you haven't contacted in the last year by e-mail, a card or a call.

2-On the second day of Christmas, make someone's life brighter. Greet a neighbor, give an elderly person a hand with bags, say "thank you" where it's not expected.

3-On the third day of Christmas, help a neighbor with a task without expecting anything in return.

4-On the fourth day of Christmas, take the entire day off from nagging your kids, spouse or friend. Also ask them to take a day off from nagging.

5-On the fifth day of Christmas, give a gift of well wishes. Let someone go ahead of you in line or cut in front of you in traffic. Wave and greet them with a smile.

6-On the sixth day of Christmas, put money into a Salvation Army Basket.

7-On the seventh day of Christmas, give something to nature rather than take away. Feed the birds. Pick up trash. Make a commitment to recycle paper and plastic.

8-On the eighth day of Christmas, fill a grocery basket with simple foods, some light bulbs, soap, pasta, coffee or tea and deliver it with a "From Santa" note to any of the many organizations collecting for those less fortunate than you.

9-On the ninth day of Christmas, write a note to someone you always admired but never told and send it. Don't wait till it is too late.

10-On the tenth day of Christmas, smile at everyone you meet and wish them a "Merry Christmas".

11-On the eleventh day of Christmas, help serve dinner at a community gathering. There are a number of places in the area that would appreciate your help.

12-On the twelfth day of Christmas, say a prayer for peace on earth and in thanksgiving for all that you have.


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