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Based on the HIIT Principal (High Intensity Interval Training), Core 30 Fit is designed to whip you into shape FAST! Unlike the many other HIIT related programs that are sweeping the Nation (P90X - TABATA - Insanity -Cross Fit etc.), Core 30 Fit is focused on the needs of those whose main objective is losing weight.

In just 3 sessions a week Core 30 Fit will help you sculpt the lean fit body you always wanted. Along with our accompanying diet guidelines we GUARANTEE you will lose ALL the weight you desire while increasing strength, lean muscle mass and cardio capacity.

In just 90 minutes a week your NEW YOU is possible and best of all, there are NO high impact or load bearing movements responsible for injuring so many in those other HIIT related programs.

Core 30 Fit is for everyone young, old, athlete or weekend warrior. In fact if you don’t drop 30 lbs during our 90 day program, we'll provide you with an additional 3 month for FREE (diet and attendance restrictions apply).

Sample Workout
(20 4-Count Jumping Jacks between each round)

1) 30 Pushups
2) 30 4-Count Flutter Kicks
3) 20 Atomic Situps/Jack-Knife Situps
4) 30 Squats
5) 30 4-Count Mountain Climbers
6) 30 Crunches
7) 30 Pushups
8) 30 4-Count Flutter Kicks
9) 30 4-Count Mountain Climbers
10) 10 Clap Pushups
11) 20 Atomic Situps/Jack-Knife Situps
12) 30 Knee Pushups
13) 15 Burpees

3 Month Plan
Only $150.00

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