Members check/sign in when they arrive at our gym. A Bose sound system pumps out plenty of sound to motivate your workouts!
Private coaches office with full Internet access and satellite radio! Showcase for our WHOLESALED items!
Plenty of floor space for jumpin grope and pad work. Our two speed bags accommodate both tall and short fighters. We also use battling ropes and Kettle bells to get our kids in tip top shape..
Solid 16' ring with computerized round timer.
Ample room for stretching, medicine ball and ab work.
Weight training is no longer an option in boxing, it's a necessity.
Our Jujutsu/Judo area is ample for our after school program. We use official Tatami Judo Mats in our Jujutsu/Judo area.
Our computer learning center provides students with a place to BCBA our kids must hit their books before they can hit our bags! It also doubles as our coaches break room.
Sometimes you may want to just chill and watch a classic boxing tape or your kids train.


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